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The BeaverJack Difference 

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Convenient & Complimentary Consultations 
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ISA Certified Arborist 
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Proposals Delivered to You Within Hours of Your Consultation
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One of Few Locally Owned TCIA Accredited Tree Services in Pennsylvania
Certified Tree Professionals on Every Service Performed 
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State of the Art Arborist Equipment 
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Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assured 

Our focus is on making your service great from start to finish

From the moment you schedule a consultation to the moment our tree crew leaves your house; our number one priority is delivering the best tree service you've ever experienced. 

Our BeaverJack consultants are experienced and professional arborists, dedicated to giving you honest feedback on what your best tree care solution is.  During your consultation, a consultant will perform a thorough inspection of your trees, making note of what service would best suit your tree care needs. 

After your consultation, you can expect to receive a formal proposal within hours of your tree assessment. This proposal will include our arborist's recommended route of service, as well as any alternative options for service you request. 

Once you receive and review your proposal, our office is available to answer any questions you may have, and your sales consultant is available to discuss your tree care needs with you to make sure that you get exactly what you want out of your service. 

Upon accepting your BeaverJack proposal, you will be added to our scheduling queue, and our office staff will contact you to start scheduling your service date in a timely manner. We strive to accommodate your schedule to the best of our abilities. Please notify our office of any deadlines your tree service may have as early as possible so we can accomidate it. 


Your trees deserve the time, care, and attention to detail of certified tree professionals  

We attained our TCIA Accreditation in 2021 so our customers know that their trees are in good hands when working with us. We understand the importance of knowing who is evaluating the health and safety your trees, and who is performing the removals or maintenance for your property. Your BeaverJack Arborist must meet the following standards:

  1. Extensive field experience: Performing all types of tree service to our standards

  2. Continuing Education: through the Tree Care Industry to learn the latest techniques, safety & research.

  3. Commitment to BeaverJack Values: Receiving top ratings from our clients for honesty, integrity and outstanding service.

To help you get to know our Arborist Team, we have included a short profile.

Meet our Team

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BJ - President / Sales Consultant / Crane Operator

BJ, the founder of BeaverJack Tree Service, has 14 years of experience in the tree service industry. Over the years, he has dedicated his time to becoming a CTSP and obtaining BeaverJack Tree Service's TCIA Accreditation, to ensure that BeaverJack delivers the most valuable tree service to its customers
Certifications: TCIA Certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP), NCCER Mobile Crane Operator

Jon - Tree Climber / Grounds Operations


Jon has 20 years of arborist experience and has been with BeaverJack since our beginnings in 2009. Over the years, he has developed skills in all realms of technical tree service operations. Jon regularly performs both aerial tree work and ground operations. He specializes in advanced tree prunings.

Ken - Crew Lead / Grounds Operations / CDL


Ken is a veteran tree service professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has been with BeaverJack since 2020 as a crew leader and CDL driver. He is aiming to progress to being a certified crane operator by obtaining his NCEER certification. 

Certifications: TCIA Certified Ground Operations Specialist

Andy - Sales Consultant / Tree Climber 

Andy has 16+ years' experience in the tree service industry, with 3 years of training from an ISA Certified Arborist. Andy knows the ins and outs of tree service, and uses his knowledge to meet with customers to assess their trees and create customized tree care solutions.
Certifications: TCIA Tree Climber Specialist 

Dillon - Crew Lead / Tree Climber 

Dillon is a veteran tree climber with 3 years of experience. He has been climbing for BeaverJack since March of 2022. He recently progressed his career to being a crew leader, and acquired this tree climber specialist certification. 
Certifications: TCIA Tree Climber Specialist, TCIA Certified Ground Operations Specialist

Tom - Grounds Operations / CDL

Tom began his career at BeaverJack in 2022 as a CDL driver and a groundman. He has been growing his arborist education tremendously and is progressing to learning crane tree service operations in 2023. 

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