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Have Peace of Mind

Consult with a BeaverJack Arborist to Create a Customized Tree Care Solution for your Property.


Unhealthy or damaged trees can present a significant risk to people, property and pets. We can help you manage tree risk (and sleep a little easier) with a formal tree risk assessment.

BeaverJack's Certified Arborists have advanced knowledge of tree structure, mechanics and biology and will conduct a visual inspection that identifies specific conditions and defects that may indicate an above average risk to people, property and pets.

As part of the tree risk assessment, you’ll also receive immediate and preventative maintenance recommendations to limit immediate danger and minimize risk over the long term. The steps outlined in your formal tree risk assessment will be prioritized based on urgency, budget and your other preferences.

Tree pruning reduces hazards and helps to protect your family, neighbors, visitors and pets. You can expect one of our Arborists to diagnose and mitigate your tree's hidden decay or structural weaknesses and to manage hazardous limbs and vines.  We also assist with identifying poisonous plants and stinging/biting insects, minimize the threat of Lyme Disease and create your property a lush, thick turf to enjoy. 

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